Mid-year Tax Planning: Tips on Personal Income

We’ve reached the mid-year point and there is no better time than now to start your 2013 tax planning!


* Check your 2013 income tax withholding or 2013 estimated tax payments, particularly if you receive self-employment income. Make sure that your withholding and estimated tax payments equal at least 90% of your 2013 total tax or you will be charged with an underpayment penalty.

* Make sure you report ALL of your income.

* Reducing long-term capital gain income by selling capital loss investments to offset the capital gain is a tax-planning opportunity.

Other tax planning opportunities to reduce the new 3.8 percent tax include:

  * Investing in tax-free municipal bonds

  * Reducing investment income subject to tax with investment expenses and account maintenance fees

  * Avoiding the tax with qualified plan contributions

  * Deferring the tax with installment sales and like-kind exchanges

  * Grouping passive partnership profit-and-loss investments to minimized overall passive income subject to the tax

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