Long-Term Care Considerations Resulting from the Pandemic

Long-term care (LTC) is something you may need someday for assistance with the basic activities of daily living. Planning for its costs now may help you afford quality care in the future and reduce the risk of LTC expenses draining your savings.

Generally, there are three ways to plan for LTC expenses:

  1. Build up your savings
  2. Purchase a traditional long-term care insurance policy, or
  3. Purchase a combination of long-term care and life insurance

However, COVID-19 has impacted many things including LTC. Whether you are considering LTC insurance or already have an existing policy, in the age of COVID-19 there are important factors to consider.

Mark Maurer, CFP, President & CEO of insurance advisory firm LLIS joined Copper Leaf Financial recently for the webinar: Long Term Care Considerations in the Age of COVID-19 to discuss what factors you need to be considering.

To learn more about Long-Term Care Considerations during COVID-19 click here to watch the full webinar with Mark Maurer.

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