Important Information Regarding New IRS IP PINs for 2019

Did you receive your IP PIN for the 2018 tax return filing season from the IRS?

The IRS IP PIN is a 6-digit number assigned to eligible taxpayers to help prevent the misuse of their Social Security number on fraudulent federal income tax returns. A new IP PIN will be generated each year. If you were assigned an IP PIN, you must use it to confirm your identity on any return filed during the current calendar year. This includes current year returns as well as any delinquent tax returns.

The IRS will send your new IP PIN in a CP01A notice in early January to taxpayers eligible to receive an IP PIN. If you used an IP PIN on your 2017 return, you will receive a new IP PIN to file the 2018 return.

If you have not received your new IP PIN, you are able to retrieve it online or via telephone. See the following link:

If you are a Davis & Hodgdon client, please feel free to upload a copy of the new IP PIN to your client portal or send a paper copy to us as soon as you receive it so that we will have it for your tax return.

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