Five Ways to Pay for College

Breanna Sykes, a Wealth Advisor with our affiliated wealth planning firm *Copper Leaf Financial has published a new article of great interest for those with teenagers: Five Ways to Pay for College. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is applied for in October of your child’s junior year of high school. By then, you are no longer saving for college; you’re figuring out how to pay for it. When time is on your side, saving becomes a more powerful tool. Check out Breanna’s new article including some helpful college funding strategies to consider:

Tips include:

  1. Student Loans. Student loans are an opportunity for students who cannot pay out of pocket for their education. Your completed FAFSA application will give you an idea of the types of student loans you’ll qualify for. These look different for everyone and come at all levels of funding and expense.
  2. Prepaid tuition plan. You pay the price of tuition now for your child to go to college later. There are limitations but when you consider what college cost in 1960 versus 2022 it is important to note this option.
    Click here for the full article and more tips.

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