Embracing Remote Bookkeeping During the Global Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to embrace remote working environments and allow their employees to work from home this year. In the business world, that means remote services like bookkeeping are growing in popularity as well.

One appeal of a remote bookkeeping service, especially during the pandemic, is that the bookkeeping team is completely offsite. Hiring a remote team not only allows you to avoid human contact and enable social distancing for health reasons, but it can also reduce overhead by avoiding office space rental and office supply expenses. A remote service relationship is becoming more normal as many businesses realize the benefits of having staff work from home.

In addition to positive health impacts, remote bookkeeping can be a perfect solution for small businesses that have struggled to keep an in-house bookkeeper. With remote bookkeeping teams, you won’t experience the dreaded turnover that is all too common with maintaining an in-house bookkeeping staff. Remote bookkeepers are in a unique position to provide continuous service for your business by utilizing a team approach. Essentially, you receive the personalized service of an in-house bookkeeper backed by a team of experienced bookkeepers that can jump in and reliably provide assistance whenever it is needed.

Our RAD team is made up of experienced bookkeepers that have been successfully working from home for the past five years. We know exactly what it takes to make a remote client relationship work and provide reliable assistance and much needed relief for business owners. Our RAD team also works directly with our Davis & Hodgdon tax team and financial advisors at Copper Leaf Financial to provide an unmatched breadth of services for business owners who are looking to not just survive, but thrive in these challenging times. For more information click here and let’s get started!

Written by Ashlie Hall, Bookkeeper, RAD

*Copper Leaf Financial is an affiliated and separately registered entity.

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