8 Days Left Before Tax Deadline

A reminder to Vermont residents of the forms due April 15th:

  • 2014 VT Income Tax Return: Form IN-111
  • Homestead Declaration: Form HS-122
  • Property Tax Adjustment Claim: Form HS-122 (scroll down to section B)
  • Renter Rebate Claim: PR-141
  • Extension request and income tax payment: Use Vermont Form IN-151 or a copy of IRS Form 4868 to extend filing Form IN-111, 2014 Vermont Income Tax Return. If tax is due, you will want to pay it by April 15 because interest and late penalty will accrue from April 16 to the date of payment.
  • Solar Energy Capacity Tax: Form SE-603

Information provided by the Vermont Department of Taxes. All VT Tax forms can be downloaded at: http://www.state.vt.us/tax/forms.shtml.

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