65 Percent of Voters Want Revamp of Property Tax System

From VT Digger:

The Castleton Polling Institute conducted a poll for VTDigger on education issues. Three questions were asked: Whether respondents voted to reject or approve their local school budgets; whether registered voters supported or opposed the idea of consolidating school districts; and whether registered voters believe the property tax system should be changed or stay the same.

The poll shows that 65 percent of voters want the Legislature to revamp the statewide property tax system. Forty-seven percent of voters support and 32 percent oppose school district consolidation. Forty percent of registered voters in the survey did not cast ballots for school budgets on Town Meeting Day.

The Vermont Legislature is in the middle of making decisions about how to deal with a large increase in property tax rates at a time when schools, especially those in small, rural districts, have seen a 20 percent decline in student population over a 15-year period.

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