3 Things You Should Know About IRAs

1. You have until April 17, 2018 to make a contribution for 2017 and possibly snag a tax deduction that can reduce your 2017 taxes.

2. You can contribute to an IRA even if you contribute to a retirement plan at work. However, you may not be able to deduct your contributions to a traditional IRA if you contribute to a plan at work and your income is high.

3. You and your non-working spouse can each contribute to your own IRAs as long as your combined contributions do not exceed the taxable compensation you report on your joint tax return.

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Article published in March edition of Eye on Money magazine.

From left to right: John W. Davis, CPA, CVA, CFP®, CEPA, Mandy Bradley, CPA, M.S., Bret L. Hodgdon, CPA, CFP®, CFE, CGMA

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