Martha Leonard Presents at SCORE November Roundtable

Martha Leonard, Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs, was a presenter at this November’s SCORE Roundtable session. Martha covered various accounting and bookkeeping topics and you can see the entire seminar here:

More about the seminar:

As a small business owner, understanding the numbers can be a daunting task. In this session, we will take some of the mystery out of understanding cash flow, income statements (P&L), balance sheets, and keeping the books for the success of your business.
Most businesses provide excellent service or offer a quality product but owners don’t like to deal with the details of finance recordkeeping which can bring their business down if not properly understood and managed. Learn about some of the useful financial analysis tools out there which can help you to manage your business.

Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs can assist you with all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Call our office in Rutland (802.775.7132) or Williston (802.878.1963) Vermont to schedule an introduction today.

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