Davis & Hodgdon Staff Are Dressing Up for Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Who says accountants don’t have any fun?!

Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs staff in Rutland and Williston, VT are competing in the first annual Halloween costume contest.

Three winners will be selected mid-day for “Best” costume, “Most Comical” and “Most Creative”.
Check it out and let us know what you think! Email [email protected].

Contestant #1: Barb Lassen, Rutland as a Gypsy
Contestant #2: Deanna Wetherby, Rutland as a Ghost
Contestant #3: Eric Baral, Williston as a Race Car Driver
Contestant #4: Kathryn McGrath, Rutland as “Flash”
Contestant #5: Mandy Bradley, Rutland as a Witch
Contestant #6: Martha Leonard, Rutland as Crazy Cat Lady
Contestant #7: Zac Razanouski, Rutland as the Brawny Man
Contestant #8: Melanie Paukner, Williston as a Gypsy
Contestant #9: Dawn Grenn, Williston as a Butterfly

Prizes from left to right: Most Creative, Best Costume, Funniest Costume

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