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Tax Tables 2019


Individual Tax

The New Tax Law: Impact on Individuals
Individual Year End Planning Tips
Investment Planning Tips
Tax Tips for Homeowners
Identity Theft - Protecting Your Information
Identity Theft - When Your Identity Is Stolen
Record Retention Guidelines

Donation Value Calculator

Business Tax

The New Tax Law: Impact on Businesses
The New Tax Law: 20% Deduction for Qualifying Business Income
Business Year End Planning Tips
The Research & Development Tax Credit
Small Business Administration (SBA) 2019 Resource Guide
The Small and Mid-size Business Guide to Getting Sales Tax Right
Brewers, Winemakers, Distillers: Vermont Taxes and the Manufacture and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages
Sales Tax Nexus Questionnaire
Five Steps to Sales Tax Compliance
SCORE Presentation: Critical Year-End Tax Tips for Business Owners
Federal Unemployment Tax Act
941 Instruction Form

Entrepreneur Resources

Managing Small Business Finance
Key Person Bonus Plan

Additional Resources

Health Savings Accounts as a Retirement/Investment Vehicle
New Partnership Audit Guidelines
Safe Harbor for Rental Real Estate

Simple IRA
ROTH IRA Planning