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The Revolving Bookkeeper Door

April 14, 2020

Are you a small business owners suffering from the “revolving bookkeeper door”?

Perhaps your need for a part-time bookkeeper is resulting in turnover as a result of your part-time bookkeeper leaving you for a full-time position. Does this seem familiar?

Often with part-time employees your turn over rate increases, resulting in increased hiring and training costs.

Are you able to find a bookkeeper with the experience your company requires? Who do you turn to for bookkeeping advice?

If your company is facing any of these issues then it could be time to consider an outside, remote bookkeeping service.

Benefits of hiring an outside bookkeeping service:

  • Cost savings – not having to pay for employee benefits, payroll taxes, hiring and training costs
  • Experience - you get a proven, certified bookkeeper that you can rely on
  • Support – you have someone that can help whenever questions arise
  • Flexibility – for when you need assistance with a few or all of your bookkeeping tasks

Why remote accounting?
The COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting the need for remote solutions for businesses. In fact, if anything good comes from this pandemic it might be the forced flexibility of businesses to adapt to remote working environments – the ability of which could result in a productive and viable way to manage their workforce.

If you are struggling to access your accounting software remotely our Remote Accounting Department (RAD) is here to help you find a solution. We can help you transition to an accounting platform you can access remotely. We can also discuss remote solutions to help you track employee time, manage employee expense receipts and reimbursements, securely store and share financial documents, bill paying, and other day-to-day issues.

If your bookkeeping and accounting tasks have you feeling overwhelmed you might be ready to consider our RAD. Our RAD staff can assist with your account reconciliations, bill payments, payroll journal entries, prepare financial reports, and assist with time-saving tools that allow you to focus on other aspect of your business. More importantly we can help you find remote working solutions. We are here to help if you need us. For more information email or call us at 802.878.1963 (Williston) or 802.775.7132 (Rutland) today.
By Lori Pavich, Bookkeeper, RAD