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Tax Tip: Maximize Certain Above the Line Deductions

December 21, 2018

Under both prior law and the New Tax  Law, so-called “above-the-line” deductions reduce both your “adjusted gross income” (AGI) and your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI), while “itemized” deductions (i.e., below-the-line deductions) do not reduce either AGI or MAGI. Deductions that reduce your AGI (or MAGI) can potentially generate multiple tax benefits, for example by:

  1. Reducing your taxable income and allowing you to be taxed in a lower tax bracket;
  2. Freeing up deductions (and tax credits) that phase out as your AGI (or MAGI) increases (e.g., child credit; certain IRA contributions; certain education credits; adoption credit, etc.); and
  3. Reducing your MAGI below the income thresholds for the 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax (i.e., 3.8 % NIIT only applies if MAGI exceeds $250,000 if married filing jointly; $200,000 if single).

Although many of the popular “above-the-line” deductions were retained under the New Law (e.g., deductions for IRA and Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions, health insurance premiums for self-employed individuals, qualified student loan interest, and business expenses for a self-employed individual).

To view the full white paper outlining several tax planning tips for individual taxpayers please click here.

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