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The Revolving Bookkeeper Door

Apr 14, 2020
Are you a small business owners suffering from the “revolving bookkeeper door”? Perhaps your need for a part-time bookkeeper is resulting in turnover as a result of your part-time bookkeeper leaving you…

How Better Bookkeeping Can Avoid Surprises at Tax Time

Jun 04, 2020
Have you ever received your tax preparation bill from your accountant with an extremely large added bonus of “accounting assistance” added to the bill? If your books are not in good order when you provide…

Why Having Up-to-Date Bookkeeping Records is Crucial to the Success of Your Business

Jun 30, 2020
It cannot be overstated - the benefits of keeping your books up to date is critical to the success of your business. Why? It gives you a better understanding of the overall financial health of your…