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Federal Grants Help VT Struggling Performing Arts Organizations

Aug 11, 2021
There are 59 Vermont performing arts organizations that have shared more than $18 million under the federal Shuttered Venue Operations Grants program.

Federal and Vermont Tax Deadlines Extended

Mar 25, 2020
Federal Extended Deadline Rules: The IRS has issued their final ruling on extending the April 15th tax deadline for both filing your taxes and making any tax payments to July 15th.   It is not necessary…

Update: Important Tax Deadline and Payment Information

Apr 14, 2020
As most people know by now, July 15 is the new due date for your 2019 tax returns. This is particularly pertinent for those of you that need to make payments for any balance due from 2019, as well as paying…

Important Update About the Tax Deadline

Mar 22, 2021
Income tax filing due date for individuals has been extended to May 17, 2021 for both federal and the state of Vermont.