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An Inside Exit: Selling Your Business to Family, Managers, or Employees

Apr 29, 2021
Starting to think about ownership succession for your enterprise? For many business owners, the best option is to sell to folks already involved in the business such as family members, managers, or the broader group of employees.

WBON is Coming to Rutland Vermont

Jun 21, 2018
We have some exciting news! The Women Business Owners Network (WBON) is coming to Rutland! The new WBON Rutland chapter is holding an initial interest meeting for potential chapter members to learn about…

How Divorce Can Impact Your Business

Feb 15, 2021
While being happily married and in love, no one wants to think about divorce. But if you are a business owner, it is something you should think about and the impacts it could have on your business if divorce should happen to you.

Transferring Your Family Business  Part 1: Common Strategies for Minimizing Taxes

Apr 26, 2021
There comes a time, when as a business owner, you must decide when to transfer your business and how you will do it. Selecting which estate planning tool you use to transfer the business will depend on if you plan to retire from the business or keep it until you die. 

Transferring Your Family Business Part II: More Tax Savvy Strategies

Apr 29, 2021
In part I of “Transferring Your Family Business” we discussed some potential strategies you may take when selling your business to ensure continuity and minimize tax consequences. In this post we will be covering the remaining strategies you may decide to take when selling your business.

Why Your Dental Practice Should Outsource Accounting Functions

May 06, 2021
When it comes to performing a root canal or creating crowns or caps you’ve got it covered efficiently and with confidence. But when it comes to your bookkeeping you may not be as confident, and you know the time spent doing it could be better spent elsewhere within your practice. After all, you likely didn’t aspire to be a dentist so that you could worry about accounting and tax preparation tasks.

Is it Time to Consider Outsourcing Your Veterinary Practice’s Accounting?

May 06, 2021
As the owner of a veterinary practice you have always loved seeing and treating your patients, but there isn’t much love for all of the time you spend doing paperwork and bookkeeping. After all, that isn’t…

Ready to Retire As a Business Owner? You Need an Exit Strategy

Jul 22, 2021
When you are ready to retire and sell your business, it is imperative to know what your company is worth, what documents you need to have ready, and who the potential buyer could be.

The 20 Percent Deduction for Qualifying Business Income Explained

Oct 17, 2022
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 had a significant impact on virtually every business and individual. Among those changes, Congress reduced the top tax rate for “C” corporations from 35% to a…