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Charitable IRA Distributions: A Great Opportunity

Jun 13, 2017
Recent legislation making the $100,000 charitable IRA contribution permanent allows taxpayers to take full advantage of the numerous tax benefits of these contributions. - See more at:
What Can Business Owners Learn from Football?

What Can Business Owners Learn from Football?

Sep 14, 2017
Football season is upon us and there are some strategic take-aways that business owners can use while preparing their books at year-end.

3 Things You Should Know About IRAs

Mar 26, 2018
1. You have until April 17, 2018 to make a contribution for 2017 and possibly snag a tax deduction that can reduce your 2017 taxes. 2. You can contribute to an IRA even if you contribute to a retirement…
Reminders as The Tax Deadline Looms

Reminders as The Tax Deadline Looms

Apr 10, 2018
The tax deadline to file individual tax returns and extensions for 2017 is quickly approaching... Thanks to the federal government's  Emancipation Day holiday taxpayers have until April 17th to file! Following…

The Hierarchy Of Tax-Preferenced Savings Vehicles For High-Income Earners

Jul 31, 2018
By Michael Kitces, as posted on 7/4/18 - Executive Summary - The Federal government has long incentivized saving for retirement and other financial goals by offering some combination of three types of…
2018 Charitable Giving Checklist

2018 Charitable Giving Checklist

Oct 15, 2018
Year-end is approaching and many people are considering their charitable giving options. The Vermont Community Foundation has published a convenient checklist for you to keep in mind, including some of…

Summertime Tax Tips for those with Children

Jul 17, 2019
If you have kids you should know about a couple of things you could do this summer that might result in a break on your tax bill this year. Here are a few tips. Hire your child. If you own a business,…