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Opportunity Is Calling in Vermont!

March 25, 2021

The pandemic has had a profound effect on businesses and how they handle their office environments, influencing many to have their employees work remotely for the health and safety of everyone. Interestingly, remote work, was on the rise before life was flipped upside down thanks to COVID-19

Vermont is no exception to this trend. Many have moved from noisy cities to Vermont so that they can work remotely and find a quieter pace of life with beautiful scenery and an abundance of outdoor activities. In a recent PC Mag article, “The Best Work-From-Home Cities for 2021” by Sascha Segan & Kim Key, Southern Vermont was named as the second-best place to work remotely in the U.S. With that said, Southern Vermont is not the only location in Vermont that offers great opportunities and work-from-home jobs. You can find the perfect remote job and receive the style of life you want in various locations throughout the state of Vermont.

If you are looking to move to Vermont and peruse working remotely, look no further! Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs located in Rutland and Williston, Vermont can give you the best of both worlds - offering you the Vermont-based location AND remote opportunities.

At Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs, we are an innovative, solution-based organization that seeks continuous improvement. We are thoughtful about our associates’ personal and professional development and their desire to integrate work/life in a healthy way. We strive to enable our dedicated associates to thrive within all aspects of their lives.

Since 2015, we have had steps in place to enable associates to work from home part-time. Our years of experience in occasional remote work put us in a position for a seamless transition to adapt quickly, during the pandemic. We strengthened our remote accounting solutions for clients and fine-tuned our remote work environment for our associates. We have developed a remote work environment and provided flexible work schedule options to enable associates to adjust to the unusual circumstances that resulted from COVID-19. The transition empowered associates to work efficiently while managing their family’s needs and achieving a much-needed work/life balance in the most challenging of times.

The transition was not just for full-time associates. We were also able to transfer out tax season interns over to have remote work capabilities as well. This allowed them, during a time when many internships ended, to continue earning credit and get paid.

At Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs, we are proud to offer a flexible schedule with work/life balance to help all our associates thrive. If you are interested in any of the opportunities we have to offer, click here to learn more!