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New QuickBooks Time Tracking Abilities

January 04, 2023

Owners can gain important insight into their business by tracking the time spent on various projects and jobs on any given day.

Recognizing this advantage, QuickBooks has launched QuickBooks Time (QB Time), which allows business owners to identify what their employees are spending time on during the day, as well as invoice customers accurately for time spent working on projects specific to them.

QB Time can be used within QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. It is an easy way to track time and it can also run insightful reports based on time spent on projects.

QB Time also has a GPS option which allows those in the service industry to see where employees are working and assist in determining proximity and time to the next job so that they can update the schedule of the day as needs arise.

A great advantage of QB Time is that owners can give all employees access to this tool without having to give full access to the company’s QuickBooks which allows employees a way to clock in and out from electronic devices and saves owners from having to collect timesheets and input the time manually. This could increase productivity and free up time for both employees and owners to focus on other things.

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Article authored by Michael Hamilton, Associate Accountant

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