From the assembly line, to the bottom line - We can help grow your business.

As a manufacturer of Vermont products, you face many challenges -- from product innovation, to new strategies for employee engagement, to implementing and maximizing ERP software.

Davis & Hodgdon Associates is the CPA firm that knows Vermont's manufacturing sector inside and out. We offer innovative, manufacturing-specific services, developed specifically to help our "Made in Vermont" clients grow their profitability and compete in the global market.

Our expertise can help you:

Manufacturing-Specific Services:


Copper Leaf Financial: True Wealth Management

Davis & Hodgdon offers true wealth management with the services offered under the umbrella of Copper Leaf Financial. At Copper Leaf Financial we bring together holistic and comprehensive financial planning designed to integrate and enhance every aspect of your financial life. This is “true wealth management” — a holistic, all-encompassing approach that goes beyond just investment advice and incorporates all facets of your financial life, from tax planning to estate planning to retirement funding and beyond. By aligning these critical components of financial health, we can substantially improve the odds of reaching your most important goals.

Copper Leaf Financial is an affiliated and separately registered entity.