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Archives: March 2020

Summary of Tax Provisions within the CARES Act

Mar 31, 2020
As COVID-19 continues to upend nearly every aspect of life in the United States, Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act in an attempt to get funds out to individuals. Following…

Coronavirus Relief Package: Tax Aspects Of The CARES Act

Mar 26, 2020
Forbes has posted a very thorough, insightful article written by Senior Contributor Tony Nitti on the tax aspects of the new CARES Act. See highlights below: "...In addition to providing a large cash…

IRS Guidance: Change a Scheduled Payment to New July Due Date

Mar 25, 2020
Question: I already filed my 2019 income tax return that would have been due on April 15 and scheduled a payment of taxes for April 15, 2020. Will this payment be automatically rescheduled to July 15,…

Federal and Vermont Tax Deadlines Extended

Mar 25, 2020
Federal Extended Deadline Rules: The IRS has issued their final ruling on extending the April 15th tax deadline for both filing your taxes and making any tax payments to July 15th.   It is not necessary…

IRS: Payment Deadline Extended to July 15

Mar 19, 2020
Here's the latest information we have from the IRS, but more clarification with regard to the extended payment deadline is expected over the next couple days. We will continue to monitor this issue and…