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Archives: August 2019

Davis & Hodgdon Sponsors Rutland Chamber's Winter in August Event

Aug 14, 2019
For the third year in a row, Davis & Hodgdon was honored to sponsor and participate in one of the Rutland Vermont community's most popular annual events, "Winter in August. Winter In August is held in…

7 Ways that an Interest Rate Cut from the Feds Impacts Retirees

Aug 05, 2019
Posted on; Written by Sarah Foster: Borrowers may celebrate a Federal Reserve rate cut, but it just might put many retirees in a pinch. The U.S. central bank on Wednesday reduced borrowing…

Tickets for Rutland's Winter in August Now Available

Aug 05, 2019
Tickets for Rutland's "Winter in August" are now available! Pre-purchase and save time at the door. Click here to purchase. Be sure to join us on Merchants Row (between West and Center Streets) for the…

Advantages of Using the QuickBooks Accounting App

Aug 05, 2019
In this age when mobile apps are continually used for every possible need, one particular mobile app stands out for its usefulness to the tech savvy businessperson - the QuickBooks Accounting App. What…